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We are pleased to welcome you at Lahaye Institute for Human Rights & International Law or LIHRIL’s website.

LIHRIL is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights and the establishment and strengthening of the rule of law worldwide. All human beings are born equal and free. Human rights are properly understood and interpreted all over the world. They are foreign to no culture and native to all nations. It is the universality of Human rights that gives them their strength and endorses them with the power to cross any border, climb any wall, defy any force.

Apart from dealing with common human rights issues like protection of rights of women, children, physically challenged persons, persons living below under poverty line, minority people, issues of custodial crimes, environmental protection, public interest litigation, legal matters etc., LIHRIL will also provide accreditation for Institute and organizations which has the same advocacy. LIHRIL accreditation system has evolved and been strengthened over the past years, guided by the principles of transparency, rigor and independence.

Human rights mean the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the constitution or embodied in the international governments and enforceable by international courts.

We hope that you as an individual would contribute towards this revolution just by being a follower of human rights norms, by being a more active member of LIHRIL or by taking up any of our professional programs. Feel free for any feedbacks or suggestions through our enquiry form to help us make better.

Thank you once again for visiting us and for showing interest in Lahaye Institute.

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Dr. William V. Brent

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