Human Rights Professional Diploma

According to UAE’s Private Law

The Diploma in Human Rights offers candidates a firm foundation in human rights law and policy and, through a series of core units, provides a practical understanding of how human rights operate in different political, economic, social and environmental contexts.


Course Topics:

  • Principles of human rights in the basic laws enforced and international law
  • Human rights in customary international law and the legal positivist
  • Effects of modern economic thought on economic human rights
  • Compliance with the human rights approach to economic and methods of monitoring
  • Human Rights Council – and the role of the state
  • Human rights in the constitutions of the Arab world
  • Procedures for quality and other mechanisms
  • Human rights mechanisms at the continental and regional levels

Certification issued by:

Lahaye Institute of Human Rights & International Law
Situated in Lahaye Netherland. Lahaye Institute for Human Rights and International Law (LIHRIL) is established to provide its students and clients professional training in subjects dealing with human rights and international law.

Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal attested by Knowledge and Human Development Authority – Government of Dubai KHDA

Membership issued by:

High Authority Council for Arab Jurists (HACAJ)

Council is the highest governance organ of the AAS legal Section, determining its strategy and policy, and deciding on the allocation of resources to its various programs.

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