Welcome to Lahaye Institute for Human Rights & International Law

Promoting Human Rights and International Law through Training and Accreditation
Situated in Lahaye, Netherlands, Lahaye Institute for Human Rights and International Law (LIHRIL) is an Institute specializing in the study of subjects, researches, and issues of human rights and international laws as well as regulations related to the regulation states relations and human relations, in particular with interest and focus attention on cross-cutting areas of international relations and issues of development and deployment of the concepts of justice and equality in all axes of the lives of communities and nations.

Through our core activities, we aim to strengthen international cooperation and contribute to the progress of developing societies. On a larger scale, we strive to develop creative thinking on the major challenges of our time, global responsibility and foster progress and respect for diversity.

We are a global community located in the heart of Lahaye, an international city and center for International Human Rights set. Through engaging extensively with international organizations and non-governmental organizations, governments and multinational companies, participate in global discussions and preparation of future policies we envision to lead the world in the field of human rights and international law.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and protect human rights through providing quality education and accreditation among Institute and organizations in the world.

Our Vision

LIHRIL vision to become an internationally recognized human rights institution, gathering a substantial record of achievement in the training delivery of policy-linked research and knowledge transfer, technical cooperation, bilateral assistance, publications and capacity building.

Promoting Human Rights and International Law through Training and Accreditation